The story of the Macinatico farm

Organic wine and olive oil in san gimignano

In 1956, the Massi brothers relocated to San Benedetto (a hamlet of San Gimignano) leaving behind them their sharecropping experience in The Marche region.

The entire family, headed by grandfather Antonio, worked on planting new vines and olive trees over the years.

An important year in the history of the Macinatico estate was 1997, as this is when the old ruins located on the neighboring farmland called Macinatico I were purchased. There were two rural dwellings that had been in ruins for many years, abandoned by the old settlers who had moved to the city.

Agricultural business and holiday farm near San Gimignano

The Massi family was farsighted and saw in those ruins on a hilltop the opportunity to enhance their agricultural business, which then also became a holiday farm set in one of the most charming corners of Tuscany.

Today the farm, which covers nearly 100 hectares of land, is led by the generation of grandchildren -Luca, Barbara and Andrea. The leadership and impetus of this generation, coinciding with the new millennium, has driven the Massi family to invest in the modernization of the estate. As a result, Macinatico is now a modern, environmentally-friendly agricultural business, which has proudly been producing wines and extra-virgin olive oil with organic certification since 2014.

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