Grappa di Chianti

Grappa di Chianti

Organic Chianti grappa

Late harvest of ultra-mature grapes

Grape variety: 100% Trebbiano grapes Alcohol content: 17,5% vol. Suggested serving stemperature : 16°-18° C.

Chianti grappa from late harvest of ultra-mature grapes

Packaging: 6 bottles

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Organoleptic properties:

Deep straw color, fruity aroma with floral notes, good structure, harmonious and persistent finish.

An unusual sweet wine born from the ancient Vinsanto tradition but which has since evolved into a drinkable wine for carefree moments.



Vinification: soft pressing, alcoholic fermentation in temperature-controlled steel tanks, ageing for 30 months in small wooden barrels.


Like any sweet wine, it should be served at the end of a meal with desserts such as Mantovana or shortbread pastries. Also try it on ice cream.

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